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Some More Details About How We Can Help You

WordPress Blogs

The WordPress blog platform has become very popular for people who want their own website. One of the reasons for it's popularity is that it's user friendly for the most part. Another would be that most wordpress software is free to use and is compatible with most site hosting. So there is no html software to buy, or complicated programming to learn to use. WP blogs are also customizable and have many additional functions that can be added in the form of plug-ins.

Samara's Beautiful Rebellion Blog

Samara Eve Blog

In spite of the ease of use however, Wordpress is an ever evolving program and as with all software, problems can crop up. That is where we can be of help to you. We have been working with WP blogs for the past 10yrs. and have learned a great deal that will enable us to help solve the problems you may be having.

We can help with these problems and many more...

Problems with the blog theme itself
Photos or graphics that won't size, align, or appear correctly
Plugins that may not be performing properly
Blog posts and pages that are slow to load
Changing colors/columns, adding features and other technical details
Getting more traffic and attention for your blog
Add Paypal payment or donation buttons

Computer trouble fix

 HTML Sites

If you have an html based site, then we may be able to help you problems you may be having with the code. Such as... 

Making photos and other elements display correctly
Make the site appearance more visually appealing
Get your forms working
Optimize graphics to load faster
Fix broken links
Add features, products, etc. to your site
Integrate with Paypal to accept payments or donations on the site

 Website Editing And Design

We can look over your site or blog and correct any mistakes we find. Some of these might include...

Grammatical mistakes
Sentence and paragraph structure
Editing articles to get your message across clearly
Using headlines and visual elements to keep the reader's attention


We would love to look over your website, blog or email series and see how we can improve it for you. It won't cost you a thing for us to review your materials. Please let us know if you have any questions about our services. Contact us today for a free site review.